Digi Office Lab Data Analytics Data Analytics & Data science Certification Course – career Options

Data Analytics & Data science Certification Course – career Options

“Data Scientist the best selling job in 21st century.” These words have been resounding in the current educational sector. This era which is categorized with cyber-space technologies which integrates ICT (integrated computing technologies) and CS (computer systems) technologies is bound to create a hallmark standing in the history of Industrial Revolution. Times are not far where each of the educational fields will have to incorporate data analytics and science as a major course in their curriculum.  Recruiters across the globe are looking for skilled analysts. However the challenge is that in spite of job availability in immense there is still lack of “skilled” knowledge workers in the area of analytics. The gap analysis between the industry and academia in terms of skill set is huge.In order to upgrade the skills one requires a very critical and crucial component which is certifications which provide a guarantee on the qualities and the expertise skill- set of an individual. These certifications are further ratified by industry giants who are experts so that a global master certification can be provided by experts in the field like IBM. These certifications could be a good avenue for attraction of candidates through linked –in profiles up gradations   for specific job profiles.

Students generally ask whether it is worth the cost to get certifications in analytics course. The response to it is , yes it is a really a booster in your career , however you need to be very specific the certification offering that you choose  in terms of  the trainers , the skill set taught and the learning pedagogy . Most essential is hands on experience on working with data that would be the challenging course prerequisite with hands on tools practice. The basic challenge today is the understanding between Data science and Data Analyst which is dogmatic. One should be aware of the difference to be able to rightfully choose the best course which is discussed further in the article.

Data Certification Courses:

Data Science and Career in Data Analytics , is one of the most sort after in the market today. Glassdoor a agency on research on the latest job postings defines Data Science specialist as a key job profile which is available in the market with a huge capacity for in-let. The best part the role of Data Scientist or Data Analyst is it is a requirement in every organization or business irrespective of the domain. This increases the opportunities of job vacancies even more. However due to the diversity in business domains the specialization knowledge about the business domains along with the data science or analyst is a major requirement.

Through relevant certifications a Data Analyst is able to hone special and unique skills which they can attain expertise on.  It is like “Jack of all trades master of none” Unlike the old adage, certifications help to master a specific skill which provides a cutting edge in the organizations today.

The top four very helpful certifications that could set you apart from your competitors are:

  • 1) Business Analytics course offering by IBM: IBM is one of the pioneers in Business Analytics and Data Science in the industry today. Being the biggest player in analytics in the market today , providing a augmented certification course is a very good offering for students and professionals wanting to gain knowledge in this field . The IBM under the aegis of the IBM Career Education is offering certifications in Business Analytics and Data Science.IBM certification can earn credentials in Master Certification Courses based on competence of the candidates putting the students on a global platform . It measures the key competency skills of the students through its master certication badges that are highly renowned in the global job market. The certifications are highly fair, transparent, reliable, accepted in worldwide community of professionals and immense knowledge building.

           The major certifications are in

               –Business Intelligence               –Predictive Analytics               –Artificial Intelligence

IBM, Block chain certification is another very good course for students to venture in the forthcoming days.

  • 2) Data Science with SAS :

A very well known corporate in Data Science, SAS provides courses which could be a valuable asset to students and professionals. The main courses that are offered which have a lot of demand in the market and the response have been good are:

–Big data certification course

–Business Intelligence certification

–Joint Certification in analytics and big data

The best part about doing the certification from SAS academy is that students are trained by SME (   subject matter experts) from industry practicing live projects in organizations. Also in theses certifications students are assigned capstone projects which are guided by trained professionals.

3) MCSE (Microsoft Certification in Analytics)

Microsoft offers one of the best certifications in Data Science. It offerings are one of the finest. There are two courses that are available in data science:

–Focused in Data science in Business Applications

–Data management

4) Business Analytics course offering by IBM:

Harvard yet again offers state of the art course in Data Science .It is best for students with technical back grounds to be a part of the course as the curriculum is more based on programming skill set.

The choice among the Certifications in Data Science and Data Analyst Course requires awareness s of the following:

  • Which area you would like to be an expert on : Data Science or Data Analyst
  • A data analyst role would majorly imbibe a lot of business implications of data interpretation. Thus the certification should suit the role you would like to perform in the business.
  • The data scientist role majorly would be hard core coding and programming, so students who have the love for programming could join the course.

The end of the kind of role or job that fascinates you should be the starting point of decision making. If you like to help organizations in reforming business practices and systems then data analyst is the solution course. If you are fond of mathematical modeling with programming techniques then Data scientist is the key.Udemy, MIT and Coursera are the other good course offering academies.Certifications in Python are also getting very resourceful in terms of job availability in markets. Courses offering the three important libraries in data science like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib are worth a try.

 However, at the end of the day Data Analytics Certification would not be able to fetch you a job, it is the skills that you gain from a certification course and the ways to implement the learning that would be the game changer in your life. Certifications are just beginnings to a new career direction but not an end. What matters is whether you are able to pass through the scrutiny of  a data specialist or analyst job in an interview!

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